Zippo 1.0 Released : Give it a try .

  • Creates Simple Zip , Split Zip , SFX Zip files.
  • Create any number and any type of Zip files inside of root zip file.
  • Support most of zip settings.
  • Create files filters based on their extensions to group their compression behavior : (for example : use compression  level 2 for *.pdf files etc...)

Zippo Description

Zippo is a small sized, well looking Zip compression tool, it's my first real application , and hope this can help someone, somewhere .

Screen Shots :

Zippo form : 

Zipper Form

Zippo form - adding some files and folders :

Zipper Form Working

Zippo form - Creating inner zip files :

Zippo form - compressing and saving inner zip files :

Zippo form - Progress :




Special Thanks To :

  • Component Factory for their visual windows forms controls free toolkit : Krypton Toolkit.
  • DotNetZip Library , Zip Compression Library That Support many platforms : DotNetZip Library.

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